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Last updated on November 19th, 2019

Nothing beats the experience of watching YouTube videos and having the luxury of toggling back and forth to view scenes thoroughly. This is not the same when you watch these videos online on YouTube as you exhaust resources in the process. Your internet bill goes up!

There is also the additional advantage of unlimited access to these videos regardless of your location and where you find yourself, even if access to the internet is unstable.

Downloading YouTube videos with Wi-Fi ensures that you can see these videos later at your own convenience. However, the process continues to prove a hard nut for folks to crack although it’s a fairly easy one.

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Some tools allow users to download videos from YouTube. The platform also has its tools which make it possible to download through mobile and desktop devices. 

download youtube video

There are also a good number of third-party tools through which this task can be accomplished. This guide will help you with steps on how to download YouTube videos on Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac.

How to download YouTube videos to a PC

There are a good number of tools that make this task possible. Find them below:

 1 Use 4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader

You can start by downloading and installing the 4K Video Downloader app. This very versatile software is available for free and can help in downloading entire playlists, including 3D videos. You proceed by copying the URL of the video in question from YouTube and click the 4K Video Downloader’s green ‘Paste’ button.

After this step, the software will retrieve the video and provide you with quality options for the specified video. However, this depends on the quality of the original video.

With 4K Video Downloader, you can choose to download whole YouTube videos or just rip the audio. It’s best to go for the MP4 format as it comes with decent quality and appreciable file size which can be played on many devices.

Before choosing the quality of the video and proceeding to download, do well to check the estimated file size on the left to see the amount of storage space the video will consume. This will affect the duration of the download. 4K Video Downloader also provides you with an option to download the channel’s entire playlist.

You can then proceed to download. Meanwhile, you can download as much as 24 videos at a time. Once the download is done, you can check the video via the destination folder you chose for storage before downloading.

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If you always long for videos in the same format, then opting for smart mode won’t be a bad idea. This ensures that your download preferences are set and loaded automatically.

4k video downloader smart mode

This can be activated by clicking the lightbulb icon at the top right in your next download as it ensures that the download is done with the previous settings that you chose.

 2. Leverage YouTube Premium

This is cool if you have subscribed to the YouTube Premium service. You’ll be able to download videos and watch them offline without the use of any third-party software. 

youtube premium

This is possible via YouTube Music and YouTube gaming apps. However, you should know that you won’t be able to transfer the video file to another device or watch with a different player. 

Once you find a video that interests you, you start by watching it and tapping on the Download button which is a gray arrow under the player. You’ll also choose the quality setting for the video. After the download has completed successfully, the video can be accessed in your Library or Account tab.

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 You must sign in to your account to watch downloaded videos offline. This effectively rules you out of making any comments or reactions to the videos.

 Download YouTube videos on Android

1. Leverage the TubeMate app

tubemate app

TubeMate has been established as one of the popular apps for downloading YouTube videos on Android devices. The app is very user-friendly and comes with very simple features which are easily understood.

You can proceed by downloading TubeMate through a search on Google as it is not available on the Google Play Store. Visit the TubeMate Video Downloader website and commence with the downloading from one of the verified links.

After the download is completed, install and open the app. TubeMate interface is very similar in resemblance to the official YouTube Android app.

You can search for the video you want, play and click on the Download button after it appears at the bottom right. A list of formats for the video will be available so you must choose a video whose size will suit the storage space of your Android device.

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When you’re done with the selection, tap the red Download button and the video will be downloaded in the background. The process won’t interfere with the usage of your device. You may add your favorite videos to a queue and download later

How to download YouTube videos to a Mac

Our ideal option for downloading YouTube videos to a Mac is the MacX YouTube Downloader which is also available on Windows. Please note that other options exist but this is arguably the most simple to use amongst the lot.

You can initiate download action by adding the link and choosing the quality options which will allow you to download multiple videos simultaneously.

 How to use an iPhone to download YouTube videos

This method of downloading YouTube videos varies and depends on the Apple OS the user is on. Users of iOS on iPhones. iPods and iPads can make do with the first step that will be outlined while users of macOS and OS X will need the second step.

iOS users: Proceed by installing a little file manager app called Documents. This app can download YouTube videos, albeit a little confusing.

Once you find a clip you’ll like to download in the YouTube app, tap the ‘Share‘ icon and choose ‘Copy Link‘. Navigate to Documents and look for its web browser icon. It’s a little compass which can be found at the bottom right of the display. 

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Tapping on the icon takes you to where you’ll paste the address of the YouTube clip in the large input box. Choose the quality options that suit you and proceed to download the file. You can access the downloaded file in the Document’s downloads section.

 These are the best and easiest methods through which YouTube videos can be downloaded for free and without any hassles on the platforms mentioned above. Do well to leverage them.



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