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Last updated on November 19th, 2019

It’s no more news that Android 10 formerly known as Android Q is now out and available for download on your smartphone. It can be downloaded on your Android device if the device is compatible with the new operating system. 

Not many phones are compatible with Android. The Google Pixel series of smartphones are the only ones that can work with it presently. This is expected to change soon.

For folks who have devices that can run Android 10, this guide is perfect and will take you through the right steps. This operating system also gives you access to features like compatibility for Face ID-style facial recognition when you buy apps, as well as the dark mode

Follow the procedures below to download Android 10 on your smartphone.

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1. How to download Android 10 on your Pixel phone.

You’ll start by locating the Settings app on your phone. You can opt for the settings search option or scroll down to find ‘System’ and select it. After this step, carefully look for the ‘Advanced’ tab at the bottom and open it. Proceed by selecting ‘System Update’ after this step is completed.

When you get here, you’ll surely be provided with lots of information regarding Android 10 including the option to download it to your phone. If this doesn’t materialize, then it could be that you’re already running on Android 10 or your phone isn’t compatible with it.

All you have to do if you see the information on Android 10 is to start the update and watch the phone continue the work from there. You’ll need a stable Wi-Fi connection or data allowance for this. Therefore, ensure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or has a running data allowance that can match the size of the OS. 

If the battery is not fully charged, a very wise step would be to keep the phone plugged into a power source to avoid any interruption during the download and update.

 The download will take some time to complete after which you’ll have to restart the phone for it to work properly. After the phone comes on, you’ll have access to the newest Android operating system.

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2. Downloading Android 10 to another smartphone

It must be noted that only Pixel smartphones can upgrade to Android 10 at the moment although all phones should be able to run the Android OS with time, with iPhones being the only exception; This is a no-brainer.

The procedures of downloading Android 10 can be tricky in other Android phones as they come with their own separate user interfaces which are run on top of Google’s base. However, an easier method exists.

A majority of Android smartphones have a settings app that come with a search bar, thereby preventing the need to play around with menus. Therefore, you can proceed by just typing ‘system update’ into the search bar and this straightway takes you to the option to upgrade.

It’s a pretty straight forward process although the issue of the phone manufacturer making the operating system available comes to play.


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