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Last updated on June 26th, 2020

It should be known that Netflix has invested in some exciting anime series and movies and anime fans won’t want to overlook these entertaining shows. It’s no more news that the streaming network has also obtained rights to stream most of the best anime movies from Studio Ghibli.

Although other entertainment categories have more content, Netflix’s anime selection has been top-notch and will easily pass for shrewd choices. Netflix’s anime collection comes with a high standard in comparison to other dedicated anime sites. Regardless, here are the best animes on Netflix 2020.

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Folks were filled with anticipation when Netflix announced that a series based on the hallowed Konami Castlevania game from the 80s and 90s was in production. This was the case especially with Marvel’s Warren Ellis joining as a writer and executive producer. However, the show was limited to just 4 episodes although it is unarguably one of the best anime series that Netflix has commissioned to date.

Castlevania is a gruesome realization of the story of a dark and muddy world that Dracula inhabits and is on a fiery rampage after his wife dies in the hands of humans. It’s horrific with a lot of bloody scenes and demons as well as a whole lot of dirty deeds. Regardless, the script and visual quality is excellent and should keep folks excited as it progresses.

It has been revealed that a third series of the show is in the works with as two have been released thus far. Folks are already anticipating an expansion of the show based on the game’s universe in what will easily pass for one of the best and successful translation from game to film yet.

Watch Castlevania on Netflix


All thanks to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. This anime movie is about a pair of young sisters who relocate to a new house and become friends with a forest spirit in rural Japan after the war. The show entertains everyone as it comes with an overarching sense of wonder, a thorough depiction of family life, the wonderful Totoro amongst others.

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Netflix has taken a giant stride by getting access to Studio Ghibli’s catalog. It’s an ideal show to start with.

Watch My Neighbor Totoro on Netflix


Sword Art Online tells the story of a virtual reality MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that ends up sour. At the launch of the game, its excited players end up discovering that they are trapped inside the game and anyone who tries to leave will end up with a scrambled brain.

In Sword Art Online, characters whose health bar drops to zero will also suffer the same fate as those trying to leave. The only option that exists for characters to escape is for them to fully complete all 100 levels of the huge MMO. It begins with a powerful opening half although the anime’s curious narrative and meanderings in the latter segments can be a put-off. Regardless, it’s one of the good animes on Netflix that’s worth watching.

Watch Sword Art Online on Netflix


This anime show tells the tale of the defining sin of Edward Eric whose attempt to revive his dead mother results in the loss of his right arm and the complete disembodiment of his little brother. This begins the journey of Edward and Alphonse who seek to have their lost bodies returned.

It’s one of the largest anime that can be found on Netflix. It’s also one of the best anime on Netflix with 64 episodes and the quality of the show is top-notch. The anime series has been established as one of the top ten anime ever created.

Watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Netflix

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This anime tells the tale of Satoru Fujinuma as he goes back or is dragged back in time to solve and prevent a series of child murders that occurred in his hometown. This is one enthralling thriller that will keep folks on their toes as they watch.

If you’re a fan of shows with wildly fragmented narratives, then Erased may not be the ideal anime show for you as there are no significant altering of timelines. However, the real drama lies in the mystery of who the culprit is, alongside a story that talks about abuse and neglect which could be difficult to watch at times.

Watch Erased on Netflix


Mecha is a genre where giant robots fight and beat each other and this is one of the anime’s most simple pleasures. Therefore, with the aid of its elite programming team, Netflix decided to create its mecha anime titled Knights of Sidonia.

The story is set in the future where human remnants must find means to survive the attacks of sprawling xenomorphs known as gauna which are hell-bent on pursuing the spaceship Sidonia and eliminate the last survivors. They fight these beasts with the help of an army of humanoid robots that have been equipped with space thrusters and 40ft lances. The quality of the show improves progressively and therefore is one to keep an eye on.

Watch Knights of Sidonia on Netflix


Fate/Stay Night is an anime that focuses on the events of the Holy Grail War where fighters must summon fearsome warriors known as Servants to prove themselves worthy of the ancient artifact’s power. In comparison to other shows on the list, the skirmishes during battle become grander as the show progresses.

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Regardless, its presentation of superb visual style coupled with dark themes makes it an exciting anime that folks can take advantage of in their quest to be entertained.

Watch Fate/Stay Night on Netflix


Porco Rosso is another classic Studio Ghibli anime movie that is set in the 1930s Adriatic. The Adriatic is a place where tourist cruises are harassed by airborne pirates until they are hunted down by the hero of the show who is a louche, middle-aged Italian pilot that has been cursed with the face of a pig.

The pirates also fight back by hiring an American fighter to take out their nemesis once and for all and thus results in a complicated life for Porco. The show is rich in subtext and themes as expected from any quality Studio Ghibli show.

Watch Porco Rosso on Netflix


Steins;Gate is a worthwhile anime that should be seen by all anime fans. The star of the show is Rintaro Okabe, a crazy scientist whose Future Gadget Lab is a shabby apartment located above a shop. However, this is so, until an experiment which consisted of a time-traveling banana and a microwave triggers a chain of events that alter the space-time continuum.

It’s ideal for fans of time-traveling shows and also comes with an excellent characterization which folks can never get enough of. You’ll get to watch fights over missing fried chicken, amongst others and Okabe and his crew will keep you rooted to a spot once stuff begins to unravel in the show, It’s arguably one of the best anime on Netflix.

Watch Steins;Gate on Netflix


They are very similar to humans in all aspects except that they are sustained by human flesh. In this bloody anime series, humans and ghouls live in Tokyo although the ghouls must maintain a secret identity for fear of being captured and killed by the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul is one sensitive anime that is mostly centered on the psychological torment of its main character Kaneki. He is forced to enter ghoul society after an inter-species organ transplant sees him emerge half-human and half-abomination and with desperation to devour the flesh of his fellow man. Netflix has only one series of the anime show available.

Watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix

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Do well to take advantage of the decent aforementioned anime movies on Netflix. The shows on this list will surely excite all anime lovers.

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