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Last updated on March 20th, 2020

We all are arguably fans of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and the likes, and satisfaction can be derived when these streaming services are available on the best devices that can be found in the market. With regards to the best 4k streaming device, find our best suggestions below and take your pick.


For folks who derive major entertainment from movies and music, the need for a reliable streaming device cannot be over-emphasized. A reliable streaming device is a must-have and there are guides to the best 4K streaming device that is available in the market.

A reliable streaming device must offer the user some significant amount of user-satisfaction as well as some features that will make an unforgettable experience for the user.

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Talking about these devices, gadgets like laptops, tablets, desktops, phones, and pretty much any internet-connected device that can give you access to Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc, might suffice. However, the likes of Roku Ultra, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV are levels above the aforementioned gadgets because they not only give you access as dedicated streaming players but also provide you with content.

4k streaming

Therefore, the best streaming devices can be referred to as the devices that have user-friendly interfaces with very little or no lag time, and have the functionality to play videos from almost every available streaming service, whilst staying updated when a new service emerges.

For those interested in getting their hands on the best available devices for streaming with regards to 4K TV and the likes, you need to worry no more as these suggestions will suffice.

In previous years, choosing the best 4k streaming device was very easy to do as they were very few at the time. However, a lot of 4K streaming devices are available for users to get their hands on in recent times, although one still has to worry about which of these devices will function optimally and push millions of pixels worth of data to your TV for absolute clarity.

It must be noted that these devices also differ in terms of their format support and content libraries. Meanwhile, factors like the amount of content on offer, as well as the quality was considered before we came up with our choices. Other factors like feature-set, the potential for yearly growth, as well as their usability also come into play.

Based on thorough research and testing, we’re giving you the best of the best when it comes to streaming devices for 4K content. The devices are listed from the best of the best to the best.

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1 Nvidia Shield and Nvidia Shield Pro (2019)

nvidia shield

The Shield and Shield Pro are the best streaming devices that can be found in the market and this is due to some crazy AI upscaling. The notable features include:

  • AI Upscaling
  • No Apple TV app
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • No USB ports for extra storage

The Nvidia Shield (2019) is relatively expensive in comparison to other entry-level 4K HDR streaming players. However, it’s a significantly powerful streaming player that comes with a cutting-edge AI upscaling technology, as well as support for both Dolby Vision content and HDR10.

You’ll also get the Shield remote that underwent a redesign to make it more user-friendly alongside the latest version of Android TV which function as a gateway to Nvidia’s game streaming service popularly known as Geforce Now.

The device stands out from other devices in the market due to the new AI upscaling feature which is one of the mind-blowing features in any streaming device. The feature is powered by a neural network which has been fed with thousands of hours of footage and can also sharpen content.

It makes HD content from the last 20 years appear as if it was recently shot with a 4K video camera. This is a big plus! It has some shortcomings though. Apple TV is unavailable and it’s also a bit expensive than a Roku Streaming Stick. Regardless, you get value for what you pay for.

2 Apple TV 4K (2017)

apple tv 4k

Some notable features of Apple’s streaming box include:

  • tvOS interface is clean and simple
  • No Amazon Video
  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision support

Although it’s locked in the Apple ecosystem, iPhone users will surely have an affinity for the tvOS operating system that it comes with. The pixels are well packed in and look sharper than ever. The device also comes with an A10X processor which ensures that app loading and navigation is very fast.

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It comes in two storage versions namely; 32GB and 64GB. Regardless of the one you opt for, every streaming link you can think of is available except Amazon Prime Video. The 4K HDR within its iTunes movie is a clever addition and this makes it easy for hi-res video content to be discovered with ease.

The availability of Dolby Vision is another plus and Dolby Atmos will soon follow as reports have suggested. There is also the Universal Search feature and the addition of Apple Music, thereby making Apple TV a reliable jukebox as well as a top-notch movie streamer. The Apple Homekie smart home technology is also integrated into the device although the Siri feature can be occasionally frustrating.

3 Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019)

amazon fire tv cube

The Amazon Echo streaming player has returned better than ever with some notable features:

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Voice Control
  • Panders to Amazon Prime
  • No HDMI cable in the box

The new Fire TV Cube is way better than the Amazon Foire TV Cube that was released in 2017 as well as its predecessors. This 209 version of the Cube comes with a significant processor upgrade and inclusion of Dolby Vision. These are great additions when you consider the versions that were released previously.

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Regardless of its shortcomings when compared to the aforementioned best 4K streaming devices thus far, the 2019 version of the cube is one of the best streaming players that are available this year. The hexacore processor-powered box makes it rise head and shoulders above Amazon Echo Dot, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K because of its increased speed of delivery when it is in use.

With regards to the best 4K streaming device to take advantage of this 2020, the three on the list will suffice although there are a lot of them in the market.

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