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If you’re on a search for free movie apps for Android and iPhone that will enable you to stream TV shows and movies at your convenience, then take a look at this comprehensive list of movie apps that allow you to stream movies on Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Only a handful of folks do not have an affinity for movies. A good number of interesting TV shows have emerged over the years whilst new ways of watching movies have also emerged. 

This is in part, due to the evolving technological advancements in recent years. Meanwhile, mobile phones have also become the device of choice for watching movies, regardless of whether an Android or iOS platform runs on the device.

There has also been an increase in the number of streaming services and free moving streaming apps on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Therefore, users are spoilt for choice in their quest to choose an ideal app that will suit their needs.

Although the availability of apps is a plus, the numerous apps have made it difficult for folks to choose the best among the lot from which they can derive utility. This has prompted us to do some in-depth research and come up with 20 best free movie apps that folks can take advantage of in their quest to be entertained. 

This list contains a good number of the best movie apps for Android and iOS with which you can see movies in 2020. Take a thorough look at the best free movie apps for Android and iPhone in 2020 arranged in no particular order.

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This comes as no surprise because searching for movies you want to watch on Youtube before proceeding to carry out searches on Google is an ideal step. This is because a good number of production firms upload their movies on YouTube where they are officially and legally available for users to watch

Another merit is that these movies are free as the producers rely on Adsense ads on the movie page for their earnings. YouTube has been established as a very good app for watching movies online and streaming high-quality HD videos on relatively slow networks.

Meanwhile, the YouTube app is available on Android and iOS. The Android version comes as a preloaded app, thereby eliminating any need for it to be downloaded.

Download YouTube for Android

Download YouTube for iPhone & iPad


google play movies and tv

Google Play Movies and TV is an app that was designed with the intent of making movies and TV shows available for rent and sale. Google occasionally offers free rentals of a movie or TV show. Therefore, users must make out time to check the app and enjoy these limited-time rentals. 

You could also opt for the installation of the Google Rewards app which will give you access to regular monthly surveys, which when completed ensures that you’re awarded some Play Credits that can be used to rent TV shows and movies

Download Google Play Movies & TV for Android

Download Google Play Movies & TV for iPhone and iPad


tubi tv

Tubi TV is a free movies app that is available on Android and iOS platforms. With Tubi TV, you can access a good number of popular trending movies and TV shows and they are all legal. The usage of the app does not require a credit card and the app relies on ads for monetization. 

Weekly updates of TV shows and movies are done on the app and you can watch different genres like action, classics, documentaries, etc. The app is completely free as it’s available on the internet but acts like a cable TV.

Download Tubi TV for Android

Download Tubi TV for iPhone & iPad


popcorn flix

This is another free movies app that can be found on Play Store as well as the iTunes app store. It provides users with full-length movies without any fees or subscriptions. 

Over 700 movies starring Hollywood’s best actors and actresses are available for your entertainment. The app is updated with movies daily and there is no limit to the number of movies you can watch

Download Popcorn Flix for Android

Download Popcorn Flix for iPhone & iPad


sony crackle

Crackle is another perfect movie app for fans of Hollywood movies and TV shows. Their content is also original and free to watch. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and can be used for streaming content. 

Sony Crackle is one of the best free ways to watch a movie and it has been established as such. You can opt to sign up for the service and also personalize your options like last play progress, playlists, and syncing. You can easily return later to watch the content at a later time.

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Download Sony Crackle for Android

Download Sony Crackle for iPhone & iPad


bigstar movies

BIGSTAR movies provide users with the ideal option for watching independent movies, documentaries and foreign films. It consists of thousands of movies and hundreds of titles that can be watched without having to pay a dime. 

However, it doesn’t offer Hollywood content but is rich with independent movies that cover different genres that are available for free. The app’s full portfolio is available for $4.99. It’s available for iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Smart TV, amongst others. It is also updated weekly.

Download BIGSTAR Movies for Android

Download BIGSTAR Movies for iPhone & iPad



This is one platform that will suit the needs of anime lovers. It’s a free service that comprises more than 25,000 episodes and more than 15,000 hours of the latest anime series. You can watch anime shows like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and others.

It offers free access, although you can also opt for the premium version which guarantees instant access to the latest anime episodes after they’ve been streamed in Japan. Crunchyroll is available for free on Android and iOS and can be accessed on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One consoles and more.

Download Crunchyroll Movies for Android

Download Crunchyroll Movies for iPhone & iPad



Hotstar offers you access to free movies and TV shows on Android and iOS. It can be easily downloaded on your device and used to stream movies in different languages. Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and others are available to be watched. It also comes with a premium package that gives you access to HBO and Hostar Originals, mainly for subscribers.

Download Hotstar for Android

Download Hotstar for iPhone & iPad



Jio has provided this app for its users and it lets them watch movies for free on Android and iOS devices. The pre-requisite is a Jio ID and thus can be gotten if you’re already using Jio as a network provider or can be obtained from a friend who uses Jio.

The ID allows you to sign in to the app on Android, iOS, and web where you can then proceed to watch a huge number of movies for free. You are not required to pay any extra fee for the service as it’s free for use on your Jio account.

Download JioCinema for Android

Download JioCinema for iPhone & iPad


megabox hd

Movies on this platform are available in various resolutions like 360p, 480p, 720p and even 1080p. User interaction was a priority in the design of this app as the interface is top-notch and very user-friendly. 

The app ensures that shows are categorized according to their genres, release dates, and more. The details and ratings of the movies and TV shows can also be seen. With this Android app, you can choose to stream and watch on the go, or download and watch later.

Download Megabox HD on Android

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playbox hd

PlayBox HD is an app specifically designed for iOS users and can be installed easily. The UI is also designed to suit iOS users and this is apparent when you use the app for the first time. It also shows details about all the movies and their IMDB (Internet Movie Database) ratings inside the movie profile. This is handy when you are at a loss on what to watch.

Download Playbox HD for iOS


wynk tv

This is a service provided by Airtel for Airtel users with a huge portfolio of Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, amongst others. The app is freely available for users who have an Airtel account and works without the need for any Airtel account and monthly subscription if you’re already on a data subscription.

The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and works perfectly without exhausting your data on the Airtel network if you’re already signed in.

Download Wynk Movies for Android

Download Wynk Movies for iPhone & iPad



Movie Box is an app designed with iOS users in mind. It comes with a decent portfolio of movies and TV shows and is updated daily with new content. You’ll also be able to stream free movies on your iOS device as it provides you with an option to choose from the source from which the content will be streamed.

Download Movie Box for iPhone & iPad


popcorn time

Popcorn Time is ideal for the streaming of movies and TV shows from torrents right on your Android device. It’s also available on platforms like Windows, macOS, and Android TV. The major exception is that it’s not available on iOS.

It’s ideal for folks who want to stream movies and TV shows directly from torrents instead of from slower services. This torrent based streaming service downloads movies at full download speeds unless your ISP has reduced the speeds for torrent downloads.

Visit Popcorn Time for Download


terrarium tv

This streaming service is ideal for Android users. It allows users to watch movies and TV shows on their Android devices for free. You can also download movies and TV show episodes on your Android device’s storage so that it can be watched at any time.

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The download option is suitable for folks who are on the road as the network is not the best for streaming. The user interface is beautifully designed and organized such that you can view the profile of a movie, see the details, consider the ratings and more. Contents on the platform can also be sorted with filters like ‘newly added’, ‘most popular’ and more.

Download Terrarium TV on Android


cinema box

Cinema Box is a decent alternative to ShowBox and Terrarium TV although it has been specifically designed for watching free movies. With this app, you can watch movies from Hollywood and other movie industries, more so, in full HD and HD resolutions. The movies can also be added to a watchlist where you can easily keep track of the ones you’ve watched and the ones you’d like to watch later. 

Download Cinema Box on Android


Videomix enables you to watch the latest TV shows and movies on your Android device. The shows can be streamed from sources like Putlocker, Gorillavid and the likes. The stream can also be downloaded and viewed on a third-party video player like MX Player or VLC Media Player.

The movies that are available on this platform come with details, trailers, ratings, and information sourced from IMDb. The UI seems archaic but that’s not an issue as it functions properly as expected. All you have to do is identify movies that tickle your fancy and watch them.

Download Videomix for Android


This is another awesome free movies app for Android and is a decent alternative to the apps that have been mentioned thus far and will be mentioned later. This app guarantees access to the latest released movies and allows them to be streamed on your Android device using third-party media players.

The design is decent and all movies and TV shows have been properly organized in a bid to help users browse through them with ease.

Download Movie HD App on Android and iOS



This is another legal platform where movies and TV shows can be accessed. It’s also available on Android and iOS. Snagfilms comes with Android support that enables it to be downloaded and used if you have a smart TV that runs on Android TV. 

More than 5,000 movies, documentaries and TV shows are available. Updates are done on the app every month and its usage is completely free.

Download SnagFilms for Android

Download SnagFilms for iPhone and iPad

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Viewster gives you access to watch movies, TV shows, and even Anime without any need for payment. It comes with a huge portfolio of movies, TV shows, classics, anime and better still, new ones for that matter. 

It requires no signing up from the user before it can be used. All you have to do is download the Android or iOS app and you’ll have unlimited access to watch any stuff of your choice. There is a ‘watch later’ feature that suits users that find a movie or show they would want to see later.

Download Viewster for Android

Download Viewster for iPhone & iPad

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