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Last updated on January 1st, 2020

Smartphones are unarguably one of the best technological advancements that mankind has benefitted from, due to the numerous amazing features they come with. One feature, which is slightly underrated is the call recorder feature.

This feature, which allows users to record phone conversations from time to time is a needed one but is still yet to be inbuilt natively on all Android devices. Therefore, users are at a loss with regards to the best call recorder for Android that can be taken advantage of.

This feature is a plus and I daresay a need as it allows the user to record worthwhile phone conversations and make references to them anytime in the future.

However, the act of recording calls is not legal in many countries, including the United States. Therefore, users will do themselves a lot of good by checking the status of their countries in this regard before engaging in the process of recording phone conversations.


The process of recording calls has been made easier through apps that can be downloaded and installed on Android. Here are some of the best call recorder apps for Android that folks can utilize for recording phone conversations in 2019. Please note that both free and paid apps are mentioned below:

1. Automatic Call Recorder

This is a decent call recorder app that can be easily downloaded and used. The app was tried on some devices and worked perfectly.

With ACR, you can record as many calls as you want in the three available modes. Namely; Record all calls, record calls for saved contacts, and record calls for contacts that are not available on your device.

It comes with ease of integration with Google Drive and DropBox. Therefore, storage space on your Android smartphone won’t be a major cause for concern when using this app. Users can opt for the free version or decide to go for the paid version which does not contain ads.

2. Call Recorder By Quality Apps

This call recorder app designed by Quality Apps is similar to in operation to some of the apps that have made this list.

With Call Recorder by Quality Apps, you can record incoming and outgoing calls, carry out searches and mark some specific calls as your favorites. It also allows you to secure your calls with a PIN and provides the user with MP3 and WAV formats for saving recorded calls.

3. RMC – Android Call Recorder

This call recorder app for incoming and outgoing calls also allows the user to save recorded calls in other formats asides from MP3 and WAV, namely, AMR, 3GP and MP4.

It automatically records all calls and provides you with a search function on the call log. The app also comes with a trash folder that eliminates the fear of losing accidentally deleted or saved calls.

RMC comes with the luxury of choosing recording channels like mono or stereo, as well as additional stuff like sample rate and bit rate. It supports cloud integration with platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.


4. Call Recorder – ACR

This app is compatible with many Android devices and operates in a similar fashion to Automatic Call Recorder. This is because of how it tracks the user’s incoming and outgoing calls and subsequently records them without any effort from the user.

The app also comes with a feature that allows the user to store recorded conversations on the cloud through services like WebDAV, FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, and the likes.

You can also choose to send the calls that have been recorded to any email. The app is available on free and paid versions.

5. Cube Call Recorder ACR

This call recorder app comes with an extra feature that allows the user to not just record normal phone conversations, but also record calls from a good number of VoIP services like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and the likes.

The only downside of its usage is that VoIP is still not supported on all devices. Regardless, you can still install the app and see if it works on your device. There’s no harm in trying considering the obvious advantages it comes with.

The app is totally free and devoid of annoying ads. This is one of the best call recorders for Android that users can find online.

6. Truecaller

The Truecaller app is mostly known for its use in identifying unknown numbers and is therefore referred to as a caller ID app. However, it comes with a decent call recording feature which is unknown to many. With Truecaller, the user easily identifies a caller and can ignore spam calls.

The only supposed drawback is that its call recording feature is not free. It’s part of the premium package and will cost the user about ₹49 monthly.

Users can ascertain the utility they can derive from this call recorder for Android by trying out the 14-day free trial before proceeding to part with their money. This is because it is not compatible with all Android devices.


Therefore, you must install and run the app to check its compatibility with your Android device. Meanwhile, it’s a fact that Truecaller provides a flawless call recording experience.

7. Call Recorder:

This call recorder app is designed by TOHsoft Co and is easily one of the apps on this list with a lot of rich features. It comes with a feature that allows the user to organize recorded calls.

With Call Recorder by TOHsoft Co, you can protect your calls with a password and thus secure your conversations even if you lose your device at any time.

8. Recorder and Smart Apps’ Call Recorder

This is one of the most popular call recorder apps on PlayStore. It promotes the recording and organization of incoming and outgoing calls. You can choose to record manually or opt for the automatic mode of recording.

This app provides a means through which only important calls are saved as you can choose to save a call or not when being asked to save calls.

However, it doesn’t come with the integration feature to cloud platforms. It has free and paid versions available

Finally, You can never tell when a call recorder feature or app will come in handy for you in your daily adventures with your Android device.

Therefore, it’s best to be forearmed and have one or two in place when such a need arises.

Most of the apps that have been mentioned here can be accessed freely, although you can opt for the pro versions for more worthwhile features that’ll ensure that you derive utility from their usage.

Meanwhile, If you’re at a loss as to how to record a phone conversation on your Android or even iPhone device, check out this article.

Please take note that this list is by no means an exhaustive list of call recorders for Android that can be taken advantage of. Feel free to suggest any decent one you know or have used in the comment section.

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