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Last updated on March 20th, 2020

It’s no more news that the ShowBox streaming app has been discontinued. Regardless, there is still major demand for apps like ShowBox and there is no shortage of options either. Find below, a list of the best ShowBox alternatives on Android, AppleTV, Roku, iOS, and Amazon TV in no particular order.

1. Internet Movie Archive

internet movie archive

The Internet Movie Archive is a digital library that consists of public domain films, books, music, software, and news broadcasts which is run by a non-profit organization. They offer an impressive mix of genres and you can download the movies and watch them online later.

However, it must be noted that Adult Content is not clearly labeled and you won’t find any modern mainstream movies. Movies that date as far back as the 1900s can be found there whilst new content is added frequently. Do well to follow them for updates on current movies as well as classic movies.

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2. Adult Swim


Adult Swim is ideal for adults and never for kids. They should be taking a nice cozy nap before you start binge-watching seasons of your favorite adult-oriented cartoons like Squidbillies and the rest. It offers a 24-hour marathon of the popular adult shows alongside interactive live streams. 

However, the on-demand streaming is available for select shows and there are extended ad-breaks. Meanwhile, you’ll need a cable subscription to watch new episodes as they air though there is enough free content to keep you entertained. It is one of the free movie apps for iPhone like ShowBox.

3. Tubi – Organization is top-notch

tubi tv

Tubi comes with some exciting features like:

  • A good number of American and British TV shows
  • Thousands of titled are sorted into categories
  • Most movies that are available come with subtitle support.

Tubi has been around for a while and comprises a huge number of movies from the US and UK. If you’re at a loss on what to watch, you can browse through the thoroughly specific categories like ‘Highly Rated in Rotten Tomatoes’ amongst others. 

It comes with its downsides though, such as the lack of recent releases and ad interruption during movies. Regardless, it’s a very useful app which is available for smart TVs and mobile devices.

4. Old Movies

old movies

Old Movies comprises movies that were made before 1970. Therefore, it’s the ideal option for nostalgic movie followers. The categories are well organized and you can eliminate ads without having to subscribe.

The search feature is also every powerful alongside thoroughly descriptive movie summaries. However, there are no new releases and the mobile app is exclusively suited for only Android users. The videos are also not hosted on the website. You’ll get access to a lot of cult classics.

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5. Dove Channel – Ideal for families

dove channel

Dove Channel has been established as a religious-based streaming service suited for families with young children. It comes with a family-oriented programming system that is ideal for children of all ages and a very easy-to-understand movie rating system. 

However, potential users must sign up to watch free programming and must pay to subscribe to all content. The channel also offers tons of free movies 

6. Filmrise – Ideal for documentary viewing


Filmrise now offers recently released documentaries from the BBC and HBO. This is in addition to the seasons of old TV sitcoms and reality shows that abound on the platform. You’ll get access to a lot of nostalgic sitcoms and blockbuster movies although there are frequent repetitive ads that can bore users, alongside the fact that it can’t be watched in a web browser.

Filmrise’s selection of documentaries varies from long-form investigative journalism to biopics of musicians. It is an exciting prospect for folks who want to stay informed about past events. Regardless, it’s one free streaming service that folks must take advantage of.

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7. SnagFilms


Snagfilms ensures that users have access to a curated collection of free high HD video quality movies and shows that have been carefully grouped into specific categories. Although the selection is small, the quality of the content is high with very few ad-breaks in-between. 

The downsides are that there are no subtitles and that movies buffer whenever they are fast-forwarded. The social media integration also offers users the opportunity to embed movies on their websites though they must create an account before they can start watching.

8. The Roku Channel

roku channel

The catch here is that you won’t need a Roku TV to watch the Roku Channel. There are ads in-between but the high video quality will allow you to sit through and watch new movie releases and TV shows in HD. You can also pay to watch Live TV if you wich.

It is only available in the United States and Canada and the web version is not optimized for mobile devices. This isn’t a major cause for concern though as you can still watch the Roku Channel on your phone or tablet.

9. Free Movies Cinemas – The ideal stop for the best Indie movies

free movies cinema

Free Movies Cinema offers access to independent movies. Therefore, folks can get access to a lot of shorts and documentaries that won’t be found on other streaming sites. The movies are ad-free, and the site is regularly updated with new content. You’ll see lots of parodies, knock-offs, and VHS exclusive cult classics.

The movies come with detailed information amid exclusive interviews with directors.

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10. Pluto TV – Very reliable Live TV app

pluto tv

Pluto TV could easily pass for a cable television package without the cable bill. It comprises on-demand movies and also offers hundreds of channels like BET, ESPN, CNN, amongst others to the excitement of users. 

You’ll get access to Live TV and streaming programs, flexible and easy-to-use program guides and the option to save your best channels. You’ll also get to watch some channels that are not gotten with a Standard TV package. 

However, it’s not available in all regions and comes with the hassle of frequent ad breaks. It’s also ideal for kids as Nick Pluto TV, which offers free classic kid’s programming from Nickelodeon is also available.

Finally, in your quest to access movie apps for Android like ShowBox, or apps similar to ShowBox, the 10 services that have been listed here will suffice for any kind of a screen entertainment you want.

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