samsung galaxy A51

It can be recalled that Samsung released a significant number of new mid-range Galaxy A smartphones although only a few made it to the US market. The Galaxy A50 was among the first of the 2019 A series phones that was released stateside but not all the major carriers offered the device.

That could change this year and the carrier-locked US version of the Galaxy A51 has received certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, while there are suggestions from the firmware development for the device that it will be sold by Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

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This is the first time that there is evidence that the Galaxy A51 will be available in North America. However, it remains unclear when the US launch will take place.

Meanwhile, Samsung has a 5G variant of the Galaxy A51 that works and is currently only being developed in South Korea. It remains to be seen if the device will also be brought to the US at some point.

The Galaxy A51 is one of the best smartphones when its category is considered regardless of its shortcomings. It comes with just the right amount of upgrades and carries the same price tag as the Galaxy A50 when it was launched last year.

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