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Last updated on September 3rd, 2019

Game controllers have offered folks a lot of excitement but have never failed to attract mixed reactions from users. Due to this, a lot of individuals believe that the normal default options will suffice, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

One of such is the DualShock controller which has seen very little modifications in decades but still continues to be functional. albeit its small size in large hands.

Therefore, the Nacon Revolution pro controller is very handy for a PS4 pro controller and Nacon have gone steps further to satisfy gamers.

They’ve come up with the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro in their quest to provide an exciting gaming experience for PS4 and PC gaming enthusiasts.

In our search for a PS4 pro controller that would meet the needs of users, especially for PC gaming, a controller that offers support in terms of its build and functionality is a need.

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The Steam controller is one hugely popular one, in that it provides support for games that lack controller support. Regardless, there are many folks that are not wowed by the device.

That’s where the Nacon PS4 controller comes in. It doesn’t just come with the look and feel, but also the best of functionalities as you’ll see in this review.

ps4 pro controller

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro comes with excellent build quality as well as a sizable amount of options that can be enjoyed by users who opt for it. This must be said; It’s a very comfortable game controller in the hands in comparison to the standard DualShock 4.

The controller bears a few similarities to the typical Xbox One controller in terms of its feel, although there are the longer handles that gamers can comfortably get a grip of.

The appearance is such that the left joystick is placed at the top of the controller and not in close proximity or in line with the right one. Its use for PlayStation also ensures that the traditional PlayStation shapes are on the face of the buttons as well as the touchpad which is then flanked by the option and share buttons.

Another feature of the Nacon PlayStation 4 controller is the small number of customization options it comes with. It allows the player to place weights such as 10g, 16g or 14g under the removable covers which are on each of the controller’s grips.

This favors the gamer’s grip as he can get a good feel of the controller alongside a slight increase in the controller’s vibrations. I’d recommend the use of 16g weights to give the user a more solid feel of the controller.

Speaking of the joysticks, the controller also comes with the traditional concave cap although it affords the gamer the option to opt for a convex cap instead. It’s still not yet known if this feature was requested for.

Regardless, I bet it’d be of some use to a good number of gamers. This could be arguable, but I’d say that toeing the line of using the heaviest weight in the joystick’s shaft as well as the concave cap is the best in terms of feel, grip, and overall performance.

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These brilliant features are wrapped in a strong and solidly built shell case alongside the components that will allow for the physical modification of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller.

In addition, you’ll find a wired USB to USB-C cable that’s about 3 meters in length as well as a USB Bluetooth receiver. There is an addon that may be overlooked at times and it’s the dust cloth for wiping the controller.

nacon controller

There are some major additions to the Nacon PS4 controller that a lot of folks will be satisfied with such as the wireless transmitter, the cable, and other options that can be found at the back of the controller.

Since the controller can pass for both a PC and PS4 controller, the gamer can leave it attached to PC via the cable after it has been switched to the cable option as well as the PC profile.

If it’s to be used for PS4, turning it on automatically causes the wireless transmitter function to set in while the gamer proceeds to switch the controller to wireless mode alongside the selection of a profile.

I’ll reiterate. The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is a solidly built controller although there are some demerits that can be seen. Its relationship with the Play Station console as a licensed product can be arguably described as strange considering that the console does not have an inbuilt speaker or light bar as is common with most PlayStation products.

These may not be needed features but they are certainly nice to have. Regardless, it comes with a jack that allows for the headset to be attached to the controller and this is fair enough for gamers.

The software functionality of the Nacon controller must also be mentioned. Using it solely for PS4 won’t produce any challenges for the gamer. In addition, its usage for PS4 gaming provides an option for a button or trigger to be duplicated to the four hotkeys found on the back of the controller.

To carry out this action is fairly easy. Just follow these procedures; Hold down the profile button for some seconds, press the hotkey and press what you want to be mimicked.

If you want to achieve further customization of the controller for both PC and PS4, then you must visit Nacon’s website and download the Revolution Unlimited’s software.

The software allows for more customization options such as remapping buttons, modifying the second PlayStation mode (The Advanced Mode), setting up stuff like the sensitivity of the joystick, dead-zone on triggers and the vibration intensity.

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Identifying playing profiles is also an easy task. The PlayStation profile comes with a blue ring around the right joystick while the PlayStation Advanced profile shows a red ring. Meanwhile, the PC profile comes with a magenta ring and this adds to the beauty of the controller.

nacon revolution ps4

This is an efficient pro controller and definitely comes at a premium cost. The controller can be presently purchased at $154.99 or £119.99, but this is dependent on where you find it. The price is good enough for the quality of utility it offers to gamers.

The Nacon Unlimited Revolution pro controller is an ideal PlayStation 4 controller and PC gaming controller. The major functionalities it comes with speak volumes and its high build quality cannot be overemphasized.

Gamers in search of game controllers that will suit their pro needs should look no further than the Nacon Unlimited Revolution pro controller

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This controller comes with astounding build quality whilst offering numerous significant customization options for gamers. Its feel is also very comfortable and responsive and this is another added plus. Go for it! It’s an ideal PS4 pro controller that’s also very suitable for PC gaming.

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