Last updated on June 26th, 2020

If you’re interested in how to make your own emoji, this recent development on Android phones will surely be a welcome development for you. This recent advancement in Android makes it possible to mix two emojis with the aid of a custom emoji maker and send it to people. The feature comprises a huge library of emojis that folks can take advantage of and enable them to express themselves in many ways.

For instance, you can mix a variety of objects like a heart with a bandage, amongst others. The new feature is called Emoji Kitchen and it’s Google’s latest invention although it’s still limited and doesn’t extend to all emoji presently. However, there will likely be expansions in the future.

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It must be noted that the custom feature is still in the beta phase and is a little difficult to activate for newbies. Therefore, this guide will walk you through how to activate emoji kitchen in your quest on how to create emoji on your Android phone.

How to activate Emoji Kitchen

It’s a no brainer that an Android device is a pre-requisite here. Presently, you can only activate emoji kitchen by joining the beta program and this is possible bu heading to the Gboard Beta page and join the scheme.

Once this process is completed, head to Google Play Store on your Android device and download or update the Gboard app. You’ll see an option to update if you successfully joined the scheme. The updating process is relatively fast, after which you can head into the app and start creating and sending your custom made emoji.

How to make and send a custom emoji on your Android phone

emoji kitchen
Image Credits: Google

It must be noted that not all apps support custom emoji presently. Regardless, the notable ones like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google apps do. However, the app failed to work on Slack and Instagram when tested on those platforms.

If you want to send custom emojis to a compatible app, start by launching Gboard. This can be achieved by pressing the blue smiley face on the side of the space bar on your Android phone’s keyboard.

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You will see a bar located between the text insert box and the row of emojis labeled ‘Tap an emoji to get suggestions’. This is a pointer that the feature is working perfectly. You can then proceed by selecting one as a list of other possibilities will pop up.

Meanwhile, based on the testing that was done, there are some emojis that come with no combination options while the ones that could be combined were the typical yellow smileys. Therefore, the options are limited presently.

However, it is expected that Google will increase the available emoji options as well as apps that will be compatible with the custom emoji feature so that folks can have a field day in their quest to create their own emojis.

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