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Last updated on March 20th, 2020

Sometimes, there may be a need for you to remember where you were at a particular period and Google Timeline is one app that will help you with that task. The app can easily give you access to your Google Map location history information and also allows you to edit it if you wish.

The features of the app don’t end there. Google Timeline also allows you to save pictures although this is dependent on the settings of your camera as well as on if the Web & App Activity feature is turned on. However, it must be noted that your Timeline is private, therefore, only you can see it. Regardless, the big question is this; How can you create your own Google Timeline?

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You can create a Google Timeline with an Android device. You can start by opening the Google Maps app, tap the menu lines and choose the Timeline option that will be displayed. It’s the second one from the top. First-timers will see an ‘Explore Your Timeline Message’ which after they’re done reading, should tap on the ‘Let’s Go’ button to proceed.

create google timeline
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Once this is done, the Timeline will start displaying all the places you’ve visited thus far, just like on the day, as well as where you visited on previous days. The latter can be seen when you tap on the drop-down to the right of the Today option.

However, if the places you visited fail to show up on display, then it’s likely that you didn’t have the location turned on. There are places organized into sections that you can tap on such as Attractions, Food, and Drinks, Shopping, Culture, Sports, Airports, amongst others.

Each of these visits will show you the number of times you visited, how long ago you visited, as well as how far it is from your residence. If you tap on the place you visited, you’ll be provided with an option to write reviews to help others decide if the place is worth visiting or not.

You can also tap on the bookmark icon which is on the right to save the location to lists such as Favorite, Starred places, Want to go, and Memes. You can also create your own list as there is an option that allows you to do so. Meanwhile, tapping on the dots on the far right will give you access to options to view the last visit or remove all visits.

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You can also open a section such as the places you visited under any section like Shopping, and see a Sort by drop-down menu that allows you to sort by Most Recent places visited or Most Visited places.


If you find out that there is a place you’ve not visited on your Timeline, you can edit it by turning on Web $ App Activity. If this feature is not available on your device then you won’t be able to make any changes. Here are the steps you should take to turn on Web $ App Activity:

Menu -> Timeline -> Tap on the three dots -> Navigate to Settings and Privacy -> Web $ App Activity should be on under App History.

edit google timeline
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While you’re here, you can also make your Google Photos appear on your Timeline. This can only be done if the Google Photos option under the Timeline section is toggled on. If you intend to edit a place listed on your timeline you’ve not visited as aforementioned, Proceed this way:

Menu -> Timeline -> Find the wrong place on the Timeline -> Tap it -> Choose Edit -> Select the correct location from suggestions listed at the bottom or search for the proper location with the use of the search tool at the bottom.

NOTE – You can also enhance your usage of Google Timeline on Battery Saving Mode. Everyone wants to save battery life, therefore, the following steps can be taken to enhance the usage of the app in Battery Saving Mode or Device Only Mode.

Go to Menu -> Timeline -> Dots -> Settings -> Location -> Mode -> Device Only or Battery Saving Mode -> Select Yes

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This will be all for now when it comes to the usage of the Google Timeline for sorting Google Maps Location History. You’ll be able to keep track of your various activities and remember if you were at a place or not.

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