Last updated on September 3rd, 2019

I’ll reiterate. Blogging is an art! It takes significant time to see your content go viral on the internet. This is true, especially for new bloggers.

When this finally happens, the quality of the content should be top notch to avoid trolls. Therefore, the Grammarly free grammar checker app will be an ideal partner.

No blogger would like to share their content online on popular platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Medium, and the likes, only to see comments pointing out grammatical errors.

Therefore, bloggers and writers are now on the lookout for free grammar checkers, and speaking from my experience, in relation to freebies, Grammarly is Numero Uno.

Grammarly text editor

Grammarly has been a quality writing tool for bloggers and writers in general, and it has no limits to its usage from a free point of view.

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The app has some worthwhile features that will surely tickle any writers fancy and the interactivity of the platform is top-notch.

It is also very user-friendly and comes with a very intuitive interface that ensures that the writer is not distracted whilst using the free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector application.

Grammarly text editor with auto-correction and suggestion features

You’ll be able to concentrate fully on your writing when using this free grammar check software.

Grammarly could easily pass for the best free grammar check software out there on the internet and I would recommend it fully to any writer.

It comes with the premium package which offers more functionality to the user.

grammarly premium
Premium tips on Grammarly

You’ll get to see more advanced sentence correction, spelling correction, and word choice correction, alongside other features with the premium package.

There is also the function that ensures that the content you’re typing is auto-saved, thereby eliminating any risk of data loss if there is any hitch. The content is also saved on the dashboard for you to access at any time.

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Saved documents and upload options. Click on new for a fresh working document.

This is how Grammarly works. You first pay a visit to the website and you choose to login with your Facebook or Gmail account.

You must be logged in before you can use the application. You’ll also require an active and reliable internet connection to make the most of the application.

grammarly login
Grammarly login page

After you’re logged in you’ll get access to the user dashboard that comprises some sections. The left dark section comprises the options that are available on the dashboard.

You’ll notice that there are now two text editors on the right that follow the dark section. The topmost text editor is for the topic of the write-up, while the lower text editor is for the content.

grammarly user dashboard
Grammarly user dashboard

Immediately you start typing your content, the real-time auto-correction feature in the app kicks in and starts checking for grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and poor sentence construction.

Every wrongly spelled word gets underlined with a red line and once you hover over the affected text, an auto-correction alert will pop up.

Once you click on the alert which is definitely the correct choice, it automatically replaces the wrong one. This works in seconds and does not hamper your writing speed.

Grammarly auto correction in action

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It also has a feature that does corrections sequentially on your body of text.

The cursor automatically jumps from one corrected word to the next wrong word that needs to be corrected.

However, you can disable this option in the settings tab on the left dark interface so that it won’t affect the flow of your writing.

It’s also not a must to use the Grammarly text editor. You could choose to upload a word format file or any other format to the Grammarly platform.

Once this is done, the content is automatically uploaded to the text editor where auto correction immediately kicks in. The mobile app was recently released and can be installed on mobile devices as the Grammarly keyboard.

You can also install the addon on available browsers to enable you to type and correct your content while on the go in any platform on the internet.

For instance, if you’re writing on the WordPress editor in Chrome and you have the addon installed on Chrome, the features of Grammarly will be seen on WordPress text editor.

grammarly wordpress
Grammarly features working in WordPress editor

Grammarly can easily pass for the best free grammar checker online and you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by using the app.

In terms of the quality of free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector apps, and with regards to a free grammar check software, Grammarly is just perfect.

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