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Google has today provided a timeline within which support for Chrome apps across all operating systems will be phased out. The IT giants initially announced that they were doing away with Chrome Apps in 2016.

According to Google, there has been substantial progress in the web as a platform since the launch of Chrome Apps in 2013. The progress made by modern browsers and the emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) means that the Web is “in a good position to answer the vast majority of use cases”, and this has been confirmed by the successes recorded by Google Earth and Figma.

Google removed Chrome Apps from the Web Store completely in 2017. The company has now announced that from March 2020, the Chrome Web Store will no longer accept new Chrome apps, although developers will be able to update the existing apps through June 2022.

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Google will end support for Chrome Apps on Linux, Windows, and Macs in June 2020. Regardless, customers on Chrome Education Upgrade and Chrome Enterprise will be provided with an option to extend support through 2020.

After one year, precisely June 2021, Google will also end support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS alongside key APIs like PNaCl, NaCl, and PPAPI APIs. Therefore, selected customers will have the option to extend support until June 2020 after which Chrome Apps will become obsolete.

Meanwhile, Google has put a Chrome Apps migration site in place for developers of Chrome Apps. The site contains all the necessary details that’ll be needed. The aforementioned timeline that has been announced does not affect Chrome extensions.

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