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Last updated on November 19th, 2019

There are a good number of eternal arguments that have dominated FIFA game discussions over the years and a good number of them will persist in FIFA 20. These arguments come from two sides, namely; folks who love the game and those who want nothing to do with it.

Folks who love the game always point out drawbacks on how the game hasn’t changed considerably while those who don’t fancy it describe it as anti-game. Regardless, FIFA games have stood the test of time and are still a dominant force.

The advancements which are added gradually to the game is not a shocker as this method has been employed by a good number of game franchises for more than a decade. However, these arguments have sprung up again as FIFA 20 has entered the fray.

This year’s iteration has seen EA make some advancements in the right direction with regards to giving gamers what they’ve craved for over the years in terms of statistical tinkering and game modes.

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However, the question of if the move is to appease fans whilst the larger systems stay frustrating or if the move is a commitment to prioritizing the demands of fans still lingers. 

Electric feel

fifa 20 volta mode

We’ll begin this review with the biggest expansion to the base game which is Volta soccer. Although it appears to be cool, the events in the dying embers of a game state otherwise.

Volta at 3v3 alongside the caged walls up brings FIFA to arguably its most social and exciting elements. You’ll get to see gaudy celebrations, hear the bass blaring and all these falls in line with the excitement that players of the game demand for.

However, the story mode leaves more to be desired although it has a good number of locations, gloss, and neon. You may not be pleased with the cutscenes and spot loopholes in the KO tournaments but the gameplay is where the emphasis should be.

Volta is based on skill, showmanship, and ridiculing your opponent. Matches end when a specified number of goals has been accumulated and this could be sooner rather than later or vice versa depending on the capability of the opponent you’re pitched against.

This is the first time where men and woman can share the same pitch in a FIFA game and this is a welcome development in FIFA 20. Skill moves are a priority here and you must ensure that fluidity is created amongst teammates with the proper use of the environment. Proper positioning near the box is crucial so that the ease of scoring can be enhanced and the opposition pummeled emphatically.

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Folks who don’t pay attention to rules will thrive more as the mode could pass for the modernized version of FIFA Street. However, Volta is not FIFA Street and the fact that you must have walls makes it less fun alongside the option to increase the team size to 5v5.

Bad habits

fifa 20 volta

This edition of the FIFA game has seen major emphasis placed on player positioning, vision, and the pre-emption of good runs. Therefore, game players will have to be alert and watch carefully for hands being raised as well as watch out for wingers.

Waiting too long before making a cross into the box when you’re attacking won’t work out well most of the time as your opponent’s tight defensive formation will find you out.

Habits, such as holding on R2 for long periods and making through balls in place of normal passes will have to be avoided. Therefore, what has been learned over the years will have to be unlearned and a new technique relearned.

Tactical ingenuity will pay off in FIFA 20 as the gameplay appears to be more calculated than down to chance with regards to wonder goals and the likes. There is more originality and realness in this edition.

EA had the game designed such that two-footed tackles are lesser and this is due to a revamp of the game’s pace system which has seen players awarded with genuine speed.

Pacy wingers are a threat when sent hurling down the wing and poor positioning of your defenders could lead to you conceding a goal in the game. Shooting the ball remains difficult to master and this is due to the controversial mini-game that was introduced in FIFA 19 where you must hit the circle button at least once to finesse a shot and this has an unnatural feeling. It can be ignored although it remains noticeable.

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House rules

fifa 20 game

Eyes will surely be on the new rule-breaking game modes that have been introduced into Ultimate Team. Here, you’ll surely focus on fun and listening to the fans in the FIFA 20 package. The No Rules hackathons and Survival matches that see a random player ejected from the scoring team after scoring a goal will ensure that some of the most thrilling matches of FIFA in recent times are played.

For a household of gamers where FIFA is available, this mode will surely be appreciated. It must be noted that set pieces are now more creative and stick-target. You can adopt a variety of spins with the right stick and upset your opponents with sucker-punches in extra-time. A lot of upsets are bound to occur during this period due to how set-pieces have been enhanced. It’s still complex but the ability to rise to the challenge is part of why it’s FIFA 20.

The game is designed such that you must subscribe to the brand of soccer it wants you to play. Everything is earned in FIFA 20 and a good number of the supposed sweaty tactics that attracted criticisms have been resolved.


The visuals are not a far cry from what was available in FIFA 19 albeit some minor polishing in some areas like the appearance of some players. It seems players will have to wait till the next generation of upcoming console games to see major graphical upgrades in a FIFA game. That’s if it’s even a cause for concern amongst FIFA gamers.

Career mode allows you to reply to late-night texts from your team captain if you’re interested in boosting the morale of your players. Some of the press conferences have also become exciting and interactive although it’s just the dressing of a set rather than a proper overhaul. Regardless, it’s good enough

The Ultimate Team mode now has a battle pass progression system and this is an avenue through which coins and packs can be received to help in offsetting the economy which is predatory at best.

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The appearance of the menus has also been improved as a radial bar which automatically proffers options on the available consumables that can be used has been added. Navigation in the system has improved by miles and doesn’t need fixing.

FIFA 20 comes with a lot of positives. There have been changes at the game’s ground level and they are all improvements to the game.

Regardless, it is expected that there will be petitions and some exploding subreddits centering on the game some months after its launch. It is one of the challenges you are bound to face when trying to balance arguably the most popular sports game in the world.

Nevertheless, the new gameplay in Volta in addition to a good number of available modes, as well as tweaks in gameplay will ensure the experience of an exciting game of soccer amongst gamers.

FIFA 20 can pass for the best FIFA game in a few years and this will be based on the fact that the franchise paid attention to fan feedback and came up with top-notch design decisions that were clamored for. Go for it and enjoy a good and enthralling game of soccer with your folks, and while at it, end the FIFA playing careers of some of your opponents if you must.

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