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Last updated on November 19th, 2019

This guide for the best Borderlands 3 Zane builds is ideal for gamers who like to play the trickster on their Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG). This will prevent you from dilly-dallying on what to do as we’ve come up with the best solutions for gamers in this one.

You’ll know all you need to on the best Borderlands 3 Zane Builds regardless of if you prefer playing alone or with friends. Therefore, we urge you to delve into this article and satisfy your curiosity.

First off, we’d explain why Zane should be your ideal choice. As fans of the game are aware, Zane is a silver-haired operative whose specialty is tricking opponents and making use of a wide array of different gadgets to make sure a task is completed.

The operative (Zane) has access to a Digi-Clone which helps in distracting foes and occasionally fight for him, a Barrier which ensures his protection, and an SNTNL drone that can fight alongside him.

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He has more tricks up his sleeve, in that he is the only class that can equip two Action Skills simultaneously thus enhancing his versatility amongst the new Vault Hunters.

The Best Zane solo build

borderlands 3 zane builds

The build is reliant on the use of the Barrier for the security of life all the time. It helps the operative to stay alive and this can be combined with the SNTNL drone which allows the operative to stay alive whilst doing major damages.

This is a pointer that survival is the priority here. Therefore, emphasis will be placed on the UnderCover skill tree. The following will make it possible. Take note.

  • Rise To The Occasion: It ensures that your health can be regenerated
  • Ready For Action: improves Shield Recharge Rate and Delay. 
  • Really Expensive Jacket: status Effects have reduced durations. 
  • Futility Belt: This one ensures that you have more resistance to non-elemental damage. It also converts damage to non-elemental damage after an enemy is killed.
  • Hearty Stock: improves Max Shields. 
  • Stiff Upper Lip: It enables you to gain damage resistance against any damage type that affects you.
  • Calm, Cool, Collected: Freezing an enemy does two things. It either recharges your shields whilst regenerating your health, or reduces your Action Skill cooldown. 
  • Distributed Denial: your Barrier gains the effects of your current Shield Mod.

Taking note of these skills, putting them in place and mastering them will ensure that you’ll be alive for long thus turning you into a monster in a solo player mode. 

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You can gain higher immunity and survive longer by using the Salvation skill which can be taken from the Hitman skill tree. With this, you can take advantage of Life Steal after killing an enemy. You’re almost invincible at this point.

Take advantage of the best Zane co-op build

borderlands 3 zane co-op

This build focuses on the use of your Action Skills to stay in the game and improve your fighting chances. Therefore, I’ll advise that you equip your Digi-Clone and SNTNL drone to boost your firepower. Here are the skills you must leverage from the Doubled Agent skill tree:

  • Donnybrook: This ensures that you and your clone have extra Gun Damage and Health Regen when you eliminate an enemy
  • Quick Breather: exchanging places with your clone enables your shields to instantly start recharging. 
  • Borrowed Time: This ensures that the Adult Skill Duration is increased for every Action Skill that is engaged.
  • Synchronicity: Boosts and increases gun damage whenever an Action Skill is active. 
  • Like A Ghost: With this, Zane and his clone will be able to ignore bullets 
  • Old-U: Swapping places with your clone whilst fighting for your life ensures your automatic resurrection with full health
  • Double Barrel: Your clone gets handed a copy of your equipped weapon and this increased Gun Damage when nay swap is carried out with them.

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I’m sure you have some tricks and skills you’ve garnered from playing the game up your sleeves. Do well to also put them into play and increase your chances in Borderlands 3’s Zane. Decimate!!

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