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Last updated on November 19th, 2019

It’s no more news that the highly entertaining Super Mario Maker game was a hit to those who played it. This is regardless of if it was the 3DS adaptation or Wii U original version of the game.

Super Mario Maker introduced more flexibility to the gameplay as players were now allowed the freedom to create their own worlds whilst facing adventures in various levels of the Super Mario game. This was not the case initially.

The fact, at the time, was that irrespective of the Romhacks players got their hands on, Super Mario Maker could not be beaten at its peak resulting to the closure of the Miiverse.

Worse still, was the fact that the online stage management system was connected to Nintendo’s social network which was experimental at the time. This was probably one of the areas where folks could sound out Nintendo’s shortsightedness.

The online service was myopic at best as it didn’t make the job of searching for stages any easy.

super mario maker 2

However, Super Mario Maker 2 has entered the fray, and this could be a pointer to Nintendo’s desire to resolve the significant issues that plagued the original version of the game.

The original game was decent on its own but there are some new modifications in this new version that meet the cravings of dedicated Super Mario Maker game players. The gameplay is also far more exciting than what was attainable in the previous version.

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The latest introduction or enhancement is the Story Mode which has caught a lot of attention. The Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2 is based on how the legendary Mario puts in efforts to rebuild Peach’s castle with the support of Toadette and a bunch of Toads.

Mario embarks on different missions which are very much unique in their own way and gets paid for every one of them. The coins earned from these missions enable him to build new layers and add them to Peach’s castles, a move which subsequently restores the castle to its glory days.

It must be noted that Mario also races around this world in 3D, coming in contact with new characters and earning new missions which he must complete.

After all, we all know that the missions are the priority in a typical Mario game. The player also gets to learn more about the variety of rules and designs they can apply to their own stages.

One major observation is that each mission Mario embarks on in the course of the game feels like a lesson in game design. The tools to create these stages are already available, and the missions are a means through which you can have an idea for each stage.

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Some of the new clear conditions like triumphing over enemies before completing a stage, and collecting coins ensure the enforcement of other ways through which players can complete stages.

This new development sees these one directional traditional Mario stages being transformed into a scenario where the player can run through different pipes in a hunt for coins, keys, enemies, and power-boosters.

The developers obviously went out of their way to make this game one of the most exciting Mario games for gamers. The tweaks that have been made to the game make it a hit. The developers involved have also stretched themselves with the creation of original courses in the game than what was previously available.

Players can choose to play other stages created by other players on completion of the Story Mode. We’ll now take a look at the Course World in Super Mario Maker 2.

The Course World appears more organized in this version and allows for stages to be browsed by detailed terms like Popular, New, and Hot. You can choose to tag any stage that excites you in your searching quest as a favorite, download it for future references, or even do a course edit if you’re feeling very motivated.

More details abound as you get to see the number of people that have attempted the stages, cleared them, as well as the players who cleared them fastest before you try your hands on them. This promotes the speed run challenge in every stage.

These advancements ensure that each stage offers value on replay, and also provides a means for players to find the stages they want easily and without any hassles.

Super Mario Maker 2 still offers more. This is because Multiplayer stages now come with Network Play. You’ll have access to leaderboards as well as costumes that can be unlocked to use in beautifying your Mii.

The catch here is the user-generated content which will ensure that Mario game enthusiasts will be having endless fun in Mario stages for years to come. This is regardless of if Nintendo’s servers are shut down or not as the game is not connected to the Miiverse.

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Remember, players will be able to make their own stages. Customized stages are also another major catch in Super Mario Maker 2. You’ll have access to slopes whose inclinations vary as well as a variation of enemies or items, including additional features to make the game exciting for players.

The challenge inSuper Mario Maker 2 is the creation of the stages. Players will doubtless need tutorials of some sort to accomplish this task. Players will need a stylus to get going with this task as using a Controller for the job is very burdening and not enjoyable at all.

super mario maker game

It’s a different experience with the touch screen which is quite functional but doesn’t meet the standards of the touch screens available on the Wii U Gamepad or 3DS. Lest I forget, there is the Super Mario 3D World which is standalone and provides the gamer with a fully new version of a 2D Mario platformer. It must be noted that it’s still 2D regardless of the 3D name.

This world also comes with new items, mechanics and powerups that can be taken advantage of by the gamer. Super Mario Maker 2 comes with its own world of excitement that surpasses the original Super Mario Maker game. The Story Mode alone can suffice for enthusiasts who aren’t feeling too adventurous to start making stages as the mode is awesome.

Finally, Super Mario Maker 2 is another Nintendo Switch essential special. It comes with more things to make the creation of stuff fun, as well as a variety of stages that will excite tireless gamers. This is absolutely the ideal Super Mario experience. The Story Mode can easily pass for a different version if it’s sold separately. However, its inclusion in Super Mario Maker 2 is a major addition. It is arguably one of the best Mario games of all time that can be found out there and taken advantage of.


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