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Last updated on January 1st, 2020

It’s no more a secret that every business that aims to expand its reach globally and nationally must have a website on a reliable web hosting service. A website enables potential customers to access you easily and also reach out to you if they are in need of the services being offered by your business.

Regardless, the business doesn’t just start thriving once a website has been designed for it. There are more salient questions that need to be answered such as the following? How do potential customers learn about the existence of your website and business?

Is your website visible on search engines when potential customers make searches in line with terms that are related to your business? Other questions abound but we’ll be focusing on the original intent of this post.

Before your business can get an online presence, or better still, before your website goes online, a major factor that will contribute immensely to the speed of its growth is the web hosting service that gives you the online presence.

The web host is essentially the firm that provides you with the platform on which the files of your websites will be stored and then served to visitors who want to access it through the internet.

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There are various web hosting services online and they offer you access to storage services, email services, security services, and others. Each web hosting company comes with its uniqueness and features that make it stand out amongst others. Some offer top-notch and reliable services that will ensure that you derive utility while others don’t.

Therefore, it is very important to identify a web hosting company whose infrastructure and features will suit the nature of your business.

Meanwhile, one major factor is that we all want our businesses to grow. Therefore, it’s only imperative that we go for the best that will continue to provide a platform that will suit the growth of our online businesses or business websites.

Before you proceed, you must understand how a web hosting service operates, and there some terms you must get a firm grasp of before you can make a choice on a web hosting product that’ll suit the nature of your business. Some of the major terms are explained below:

1. Shared Hosting.

This is a kind of web hosting where multiple websites are housed on one server. Let’s say you have three websites and they are all hosted on one server. It is the most popular kind of web hosting available and is relatively cheap and affordable for startups.

However, one must understand that proceedings in one of the sites can adversely affect the performance of the other sites on the server. A site attracting massive traffic will definitely use up server resources, leaving very little for the other websites to operate on. Sometimes, it can lead to a crash and a potential loss of data.

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2. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is more advanced than the shared hosting service as it involves the use of a dedicated server to host a lesser number of sites in comparison to shared hosting.

It goes one better by ensuring that each website on the server is allocated its own individual resources to boost operation and performance.

In VPS hosting, the activities on one website won’t have much effect on other websites in comparison with what transpires on shared hosting platforms.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

This is the boss of them all. It is required for a website that will need a huge number of server resources to operate optimally. Therefore it’s expensive when compared to the others that have been explained thus far.

The website is the sole occupant of the server in dedicated web hosting. The website can leverage the full power of the server for optimal performance.

Other factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service in 2020

In line with these, there are some key features that potential website owners must look out for in a web hosting services.

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1. One factor is the quality of customer support. 24/7 customer support is the way to go as your website can have issues at any time of the day. Therefore, the presence of a customer support staff to walk you through real-time resolution procedures is an added plus.

2. The Web Hosting service’s uptime is another major consideration. A website that’s offline is as good as dead. Some hosts even suffer uptime failure daily while some are worse as they suffer it multiple times daily. This is obviously not good for your website which will never grow on such a hosting platform.

Your website must be readily available 24/7 for customers to be able to access it and know what you’re about. Many competitors abound online and the ones that are always available will grab the lion share of the potential customers.

3. Thirdly, the platform on which the web hosting service runs on is a major concern. They mostly leverage Linux. Therefore, if your website has to do with a Windows platform, you’ll do yourself a lot of good by verifying this before committing your hard-earned cash. That being said, Windows hosting platforms are typically costlier than Linux hosting platforms.

4. Finally, customers would like to reach out to you and make inquiries about the services you offer. They mostly do this by Email. Therefore, going for a host that offers an Email hosting platform is a major plus.

The mail addresses also appear more professional and formal. For example; info@techyanswers.com looks more professional, as opposed to techanswers@gmail.com and the likes. This might be arguable though. Not all hosting services offer Email hosting services, while others provide a separate Email hosting platform.

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This might bore you due to the additional cost, but consider a situation where your web hosting server goes down. If this occurs, toeing the line of a separate server hosting your Email accounts comes with the advantage of keeping your business running.

The reliable web hosting services in 2020

In light of the points raised thus far, here are 8 reliable web hosting services you can take advantage of in 2020.

They are arguably the best web hosting services for 2020. They are listed in no particular order with regard to efficiency. Just pick the one with the features that will suit your business.

1. HostGator Web Hosting – Shared @ $2.64/mo


Some pros: HostGator comes with a variety of hosting plans that’ll meet the demands of your online business. It comes with cool shared hosting services, site-building software, top-notch uptime, and is also suitable for beginner webmasters. However, it doesn’t offer a Windows VPS hosting service. You may take a look at their services here.

2. Namecheap Web Hosting – Shared @ $1.44/mo


Some pros: You’ll have access to VPS, shared, Email hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting. You’ll also enjoy excellent real-time customer support if any issue arises. Visit here.

3. DreamHost Web Hosting – Shared @ $2.59/mo


Some pros: You’ll get unlimited monthly data transfers, top-notch VPS and cloud hosting services, strong security, money-back guarantee as well as thorough domain-management tools. However, there is no telephone support, no Windows-based server, and no true reseller hosting plans. Visit here.

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4. GoDaddy – Shared @ $5.99/mo

godaddy hosting service

Some pros: Excellent customer support, quality uptime, access to Linux and Windows-based servers, managed WordPress hosting. and others. However, cloud hosting is not available, and dedicated hosting does not have email. Visit them here.

5. HostWinds Web Hosting – Shared @ $3.29/mo

hostwinds hosting service

Some pros: You’ll have access to VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting plans, decent customer service and server hosting for Minecraft. However, the Windows server option is absent in some plans. Visit here.

6. A2 Web Hosting – Shared @ $2.96/mo

a2 web hosting service

Some pros: Excellent uptime, decent customer service as well as a cool money-back refund policy. However, it is quite expensive and all plans don’t have a Windows server. Visit here

7. InMotion Web Hosting – Shared @ $6.39/mo

inmotion hosting service

Some pros: Simple website building software, unlimited email for all plans, reseller hosting and cool uptime. However, there is no available cloud hosting option and Windows servers. Visit them here.

8. SiteGround Web Hosting – Shared @ $3.95/mo


Some pros: Decent uptime, free SSL certificate with all plans alongside other free services, decent customer services, and customers can get to choose the location of their servers. However, the storage is limited and there are no options for Windows Servers. Visit here.

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Final Thoughts

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best web hosting services that you can get in 2020, as there are many reliable web hosting platforms that you can assess to see if they fit the plans for your online business website. However, these hosting services listed here can meet any high-end criteria for your online business and also boost it considerably. Take advantage!

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