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Last updated on January 1st, 2020

Productivity is the goal of many iPhone users and millions of folks make daily attempts to arrive at this goal through the use of free apps for iPhones or paid apps. That’s where the need for the best apps for iPhone in 2020 that can boost productivity comes into play.

Apps that enhance productivity on many levels have become very vital. However, not all apps on the Appstore are reliable enough to boost your productivity levels on a daily basis.

Therefore, the need to identify the best free apps for iPhone that will enhance your levels of productivity significantly continues to increase daily.

A lot of apps on the Appstore end up as precious time killers and money wasters. Therefore, we’ve done some research based on popularity, ratings, and reviews, and have come up with the best 15 free apps for iPhones in 2020 that could easily pass for the best apps for iPhone that will boost your productivity.

Do well to understand that a good number of the apps listed here are cross-platform. Take note of them and see if they meet your requirements with regards to productivity-boosting apps on the IOS platform.

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1. Lucidchart

This app is suitable for those whose daily endeavors comprise working with flowcharts and diagrams.

It has carved a niche for itself as one of the best apps for iPhone that enables users to create professional-looking diagrams for both personal and professional use. With the use of your finger and phone, you can easily create any of these required sketches at any point in time.

2. NYT Cooking

This is an app from The New York Times and it provides users with a means to search the paper’s archive of recipes, and this consists of different kinds of dishes. You’ll have access to the paper’s collection of 18,000 dishes.

The app allows users to leave notes that help their fellow cooking enthusiasts who use the app and this is major support, especially for cooks who are not familiar with the majority of the available dishes.

It comes with a much needed additional feature which ensures that your iPhone screen doesn’t go to sleep while a specific recipe is being viewed to avoid any distractions.

3. Adobe Acrobat for iPhone

Although working with PDF files on a small smartphone has its hassles, Adobe Acrobat ensures that these hassles are reduced for the user.

The design of the app focuses on user-friendliness, and this is shown in the way it works with the user’s fingers to enhance typing.

With the Adobe Acrobat iPhone app, you can open PDF files and take advantage of options to strike our texts, highlight texts. draw on them and sign documents, amongst others. You can also share PDF files with ease.

4. Weather Up

This was formerly known as Weather Atlas but has now become Weather Up due to its most recent update. In other words, the app went through a redesign process that ensured that the favorite features of the app were left untouched.

Some of the new features of the app are as follows; international support, a card-based interface, forecast, as well as Apple Pay support.

A good number of the bugs that made some users miserable have also been fixed, and it’s a very welcome development for folks who are always on the go to different areas for business and productivity purposes.

5. Copied

Copying and pasting from time to time is a need and also saves time. Therefore, an app that can enhance this task is needed. That’s where Copied comes in.

It’s essentially a clipboard management app that allows users to make good use of time by storing snippets of text which can be easily accessible, and then proceed to edit, copy and paste them to any other app as needed. It is also useful for storing links and images.

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6. Doodle

This is a reliable iPhone scheduling app that comes in handy when you are need of a date or time to arrange a gathering or meeting

It provides you with a feature that allows you to quickly create a poll for the best available times a meeting can be held and then send to colleagues who then fill the poll and give you an insight on the best possible time for the meeting to be held.

It’s arguably far more effective than emails and other platforms when one needs to organize a meeting between very busy individuals.

7. Grammarly

This is one of the best productivity apps and also one of the best apps for iPhone for seasoned writers, bloggers, and individuals in general who do any kind of writing. Grammarly saves the user from the embarrassment of typo errors, wrong word usage, and poorly constructed sentences.

The app does a real-time review of your spellings and sentences as you write and provides you with the correct options. It also scans entire documents and makes recommended corrections regardless of the length of the text.

The app is free like others on this list but one can choose to upgrade to premium and enjoy the much-needed additional features which are also a need for any professional writer or very sensitive document.

Grammarly is deployed as a keyboard app on mobile devices and it ensures that whatever is written with the aid of the keyboard on your iPhone is grammatically correct and free from typo errors. This is an added advantage.

8. HabitMinder

We are still on the list of the best free apps for iPhone and another of such apps is HabitMinder. It’s no more news that these habit tracker apps are beginning to attract more usages as folks try to begin new productive habits.

If you are one of such folks, then you must take advantage of HabitMinder for iPhone. HabitMinder is ideal and comes with a feature that enables quantity tracking for goals that need them.

For instance “spend one-hour exercising”. For simpler habits you would like to indulge in or avoid daily, you can leverage the option of noting how many times a day you’ve indulged and vice versa so that the app can provide you with an occasional reminder.

9. Endel

This an iPhone app that helps users to relax and be fit for another day or hours work after a good rest. Endel helps one to focus, relax and sleep through its creation of an adaptive environment that enhances the actualization of the task.

This app has 4 modes namely; relax, focus, sleep, and on-the-go. They function as follows. Relax enhances rest of mind and promotes the reduction of stress.

Focus enables the user to achieve optimal levels of productivity and concentration.

Sleep basically enhances sleep while the On-the-Go mode changes as there is a change of location, heart rate, time, and weather, pointing out its adaptiveness.

10. Cloze

Cloze is one of the best apps for iPhone that allows users to analyze their contacts and stay informed with the statuses of people they are familiar with.

It allows you to identify folks and engage in conversations with them easily when the need arises.

A free Cloze account gives you the chance to connect at least 4 other accounts like Linkedin, Twitter, etc. This is one of the best free apps for building work relationship networks.

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11. Pushbullet

This is a suitable iPhone app for sharing information amongst mobile devices. It allows you to ‘push’ information from one device to another without any hassles but complete ease. The files which can be shared can be text or web links.

For example, if you intend to send an iMessage but want to do the typing on a laptop with a Windows OS, you can easily do that and send the file via Pushullet to an iPhone device.

The app also comes with additional features like notifications for news, as well as optional features through which you can message friends and colleagues.

12. Swiftkey

This iPhone app that enhances productivity allows the user to swipe to type instead of having to push each tiny keyboard letter in the process of writing.

Another useful feature is its support for swipe gestures which allow you to drag your finger across the device’s keyboards over the letter you’re targetting and then lift it when the end of the word is reached.

It’s also predictive and can decipher what you mean to say with your fingers. The app also has a multilingual feature that ensures that iPhone users don’t have to switch between keyboards when there is a need for special characters or spellchecking in another language.

13. Dropbox

An app that syncs files together is a need on an iPhone device and that’s why Dropbox for iPhone must be had. This file-syncing app ensures that you get access to much need files regardless of where you are at any point in time.

It also offers automatic backup for photos and videos on your iPhone. It’s arguably one of the most reliable file syncing apps due to the speed of its operations and ease of use.

14. Evernote

This is arguably the best noting app on iPhone and comes with a host of features that are incomparable to other note-taking apps on the platform. With Evernote, you can easily capture notes on any format like a voice memo, text note, checklist or an image.

The free app allows you to capture photos that contain text. such as a page in a book or text from a whiteboard in the course of a meeting. You can easily search and identify the texts you’ve saved through the app’s optical character recognition which works for both typed and hand written content.

15. Asana

This is a very suitable app that enables one to carry out team activities with ease. With Asana, you can stay updated with the work your team is doing, regardless of whether you are present or not. It is an app that enhances communication and cooperation amongst workers in a team.

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You can see and be informed on what you want on your iPhone with regards to the state of a job with Asana.

The app can easily pass for a project management app and allows users to carry out tasks like; Informing your co-workers on how far you’ve gone with the jobs you’ve been assigned, as well as moving forward with further assignments. The app is free and also has a premium version

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is by no means an exhaustive list for the best free apps for iPhone in 2020, as well as the best apps for iPhone that can be used personally and professionally to enhance productivity at any point in time.

As more iPhone apps come up with needed and enviable features in 2019, this list of the best apps for iPhones in 2020 will be updated regularly to meet your needs. All suggestions are welcome.

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