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Last updated on January 1st, 2020

Arguably, the ultimate dream of a significant number of bloggers is to make a steady income from their blogs.

In light of this, one of the most popular methods through which money can be made continuously on one’s blog is through Google Adsense advertisements. Regardless, it must be noted that there are things you must do before applying for Google Adsense.

This is because a lot of folks have applied but have been rejected by Google Adsense and this has made the process a very stringent one.

This is due to the fact that the Google Adsense application process is very thorough and this is due to the foul play being put up by some publishers. This has made the approval process very tough even for well-meaning bloggers who seek a regular source of making money through advertisements on their websites.

Google Adsense has been established as the best online advertising service for bloggers. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that there are other lucrative ways of earning from your blog without relying on Adsense. Their payment rates are second to none, making them the most sought after by web publishers.

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They are unarguably the holy grail for web publishers when it comes to making money from ads placed on their sites.

They operate a Pay-Per-Click model where publishers get paid based on how many clicks are made on the ads displayed on their sites.

They also offer quick, and guaranteed payments as long as there are no violations.

There are many questions that have popped up with regards to how to get a website approved by Google Adsense as well as the things you must do before applying for Google Adsense. Some of them are as follows:

  • How to apply for Google AdSense?
  • Is my website eligible for Adsense?
  • What are the requirements for Google Adsense?
  • Does my website qualify for Adsense or not?
  • Why did Google Adsense reject my application?
  • What to do if an application is rejected by Adsense?

In a bid to answer some of these questions, here are some possible reasons why Adsense rejects applications from web publishers.

1. Unacceptable and insufficient website content

This is a pointer that your website does not have enough quality text content to qualify for a Google review. Google places emphasis on the quality of the content on any applying website.

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Therefore, the quality of the content must be top-notch for the website to stand a chance of being accepted. Google frowns on grammatical errors and poorly constructed sentences.

The articles on the site must also be unique. With plagiarism a.k.a copy and paste, you stand no chance of getting approved by Google Adsense.

2. Webpage Design

You must also pay attention to the quality of the design of your website. An eyesore design with poor colors, poor navigation, buttons and other components flying all over the place will definitely get rejected by Adsense. That’s a fact!

This is because of the poor user satisfaction that will derive from the site. If the users are not satisfied, there’s no way the ads are getting clicked.

Therefore, its advisable to go for a professional web designer to give the site a professional look, or better still toe the WordPress line where you’ll find hundreds of mobile-friendly and user-friendly themes.

3. Non-compliance with Google Adsense Policies.

Organic traffic is essential. This is the traffic that your website receives from Google searches.

Other non-compliances are meaningless content, pages with no information or copied information, no attention to user experience, poor organization and navigation.

Traffic from illegal sources and keyword stuffing will definitely reduce your chances of getting approved.

4. No accessible Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy page.

You must have the aforementioned pages in place before applying to Google. They are some of the requirements to have in place before sending an application.

These pages show the level of professionalism of the website and they also conform to Google policies.

These are some of the reasons why your Google Adsense application is getting bounced. Therefore, It’s wise to ensure that you have these in place before considering making an application.

Meanwhile, find below some steps you must take to boost your chances of getting approved for the Google Adsense advertisement program.

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Things you must do before applying for Adsense.

1. Ensure that you write high-quality content

This is a major pre-requisite to have in place before applying for Google Adsense. It’s a must! Your application will be reviewed by persons like you and your content must impress them for your website to stand a chance.

One might be tempted to ask the question of what it means to write quality content. Well, here are some hints. High-quality content is unique, original, free from grammatical errors, and is useful.

I’ll reiterate! In your quest to produce high-quality content, ensure that you have a Privacy Policy page in place as it is a major Google Adsense requirement.

2. You must create an About Us page.

This is one of the things you must do before applying for Google Adsense.

The About page proves that a real person is behind the operations on the website. It is a must if you want to give your application a decent chance of receiving approval.

3. A Contact Us page should be in place.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. However, you must provide a channel through which your loyal visitors can reach out to you for inquiries, conversations, as well as have access to additional information on demand.

This tells Google that you take your visitors seriously, and not just into the web publishing business because of the money.

4. A clear navigation menu should be on the site.

Google pays attention to the quality of user experience being derived from the website. You must provide a hassle-free means for users to navigate through your website.

You can make this possible by designing a navigation menu that contains links to the major pages on the website like home, about us, privacy policy, contact us, and the likes. This is a plus for your Google Adsense application.

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5. Ensure that your name and Email are verified.

It’s advisable to have your name and Email listed visibly on the website being applied for. This can be in the about us or contact us pages.

This enables Google to ascertain your identity as they are not in the business of welcoming spam applications and messages from bots.

6. Have a decent number of posts before applying.

The truth is that there is no answer to the standard number of posts you must have in place before applying for the Google Adsense program.

There are cases where folks with as much as 100 posts get rejected while others fewer than 50, or even about 10 getting approved.

Regardless, a good suggestion could be that you should have about 20 quality meaningful posts in place before submitting your application.

7. Improve the design of your blog

This is a no-brainer as mentioned earlier in this post. A professional and fast-loading page will definitely receive a high-five from Google.

Your design must also be responsive to accommodate users with mobile devices, search engine friendly, have a proper menu for quality navigation amongst others.

You must pay attention to these little details to stand a chance of being approved by Google Adsense.

8. Be 18+ before applying.

You must meet Google Adsense’s age requirement before applying to the program.

Any blogger less than 18 will not be approved. Bloggers who fall below the specified age range end up using false ages only to get rejected time and time again. Apply only after you meet the minimum age requirement.

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9. Stay true to your niche

Your blog must be known for a particular niche like tech, sports, general news, etc.

The content on the site must also be in line with the niche of the blog. This is a heads-up. Google Adsense does not approve of the content types listed below.

  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Gambling and get rich quick schemes.

Also, ensure that the language on your site is supported by Google Adsense.

10. Make use of a top-level domain

You must have your own unique domain in place which specifies your blog for you to stand a chance of being approved.

Using subdomains will not do your chances of getting approved any good. You can opt for a domain at Namecheap. A .com extension domain is good and the name should be a good representation of your blog as well as the content you provide.

However, it is must be noted that the domain age plays a part in some regions. India has a domain age restriction as Adsense does not accepts sites from there that are less than 6 months.

All in all, the major requirement is the quality of your content. The age of the domain is therefore not a major factor.

Other things you must do before applying for Google Adsense in order to boost your chances of being approved by Adsense include the following:

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  • Your traffic site could also count as Google frowns on paid traffic. Search engine traffic is the real deal when it comes to getting approved by Adsense, as well as traffic from social media and other related blogs or aggregators
  • Make sure that your website is free from ads before and during the course of the application review process to give your site a better chance.

Putting the aforementioned measures in place on your website will definitely boost your chances of getting approved so that you can start making a steady income from your blog. Good luck!

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