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Last updated on January 1st, 2020

Music is a need and a lot of folks want unlimited access to beautiful sounds on their smartphones. This will enable them to enjoy good music on the go and wherever they find themselves at any point in time.

Little wonder why a good number of individuals have subscribed to some cool streaming services like Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and the likes.

However, some folks are yet to see the need for subscribing to these media streaming services and prefer to listen on their Android devices.

Therefore, the need for free music player apps that will provide this steady access to music by users on their mobile devices is a need.

A lot of these apps are available for download on the internet but not all of them have the functionalities that a good number of users demand.

Therefore, if your search for a reliable music player for Android or the best music app for Android has brought you to Techyanswers, be rest assured that we’ll provide you with the worthwhile answers you need.

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Here is a list of Techyanswers’ 10 best music apps for Android in 2020 in no particular order. If you want the best free music player for Android, you’ll find a reliable free music player below:

1. jetAudio HD (Free / $3.99+$2.99)


jetaudio music player
jetAudio Music Player

jetAudio has stood the test of time and will easily pass for one of the best music apps that Android users can lay their hands on. It comes with a host of decent features but still very easy to use.

jetAudio comes audio enhancements in the form of plugins that can be tweaked to meet the music demands of the user.

It also comes with a complete 32 presets equalizer alongside simple effects like bass boost, widgets, MIDI playback, and tag editor. The free and premium versions are almost similar with the only difference being that the premium version adds themes and removes ads.

2. BlackPlayer (Free / $3.29)


BlackPlayer Music App

BlackPlayer is another simple music player with an elegant design. It comes with a tab design that allows the user to customize and use only the tabs that they want at any time.

Asides from the aforementioned features above, BlackPlayer has widgets, scrobbling, multiple themes, an ID3 tag editor and an equalizer amongst others. It is a very good choice for users who want something very simple to use.

However, the free version is limited, but the paid version is easily affordable and carries all the features that users will need to enjoy their music.

3. AIMP (Free)


AIMP Music Player

AIMP will pass for a relatively powerful mobile music app for Android. It supports the majority of the popular music file types, with the likes of MP3, FLAC, and even MP4 inclusive.

AIMP also provides users with a means to carry out some customization, theming and other tasks that could come up as a need for its users.

This free music player comes with a very simple user interface (UI) that is user-friendly. Other notable features of AIMP include HTTP live streaming, an amazing equalizer, and a means to normalize volume. It also has a desktop version.

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4. Neutron Player ( Free trial / $5.99)


Neutron Music App

Neutron Player is one music app that is yet to attain the popularity it deserves. It comes with a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that developers have stated is independent of the Android OS platform.

The aim of this is to make the music sound better. The majority of music file types are supported including the unique ones like FLAC and MPC. Its cost could come as a downside but it has been described as the ideal music player app by a good number of users.

5. MediaMonkey (Free / $2.49)


MediaMonkey Music App

MediaMonkey boasts a variety of features. It is also suitable for professional uses like audiobooks and podcasts. With MediaMonkey. you can not only sort just songs by a particular artist but also by things like the composer.

Its uniqueness comes from the functionality which allows for the syncing of a music library from a PC to phone and vice versa. Although this is a complex process, it’s a very unique feature that comes with MediaMonkey. It comes with a simple and user-friendly UI and is one of the best free music players for Android.

6. Pulsar Music Player (Free / $1.99)


Pulsar Music App

This is one of the ideal best music apps for Android you can take advantage of presently. Its features include smart playlists, a beautifully crafted material design UI and Chromecast support amongst other notable features that Android users will find fascinating.

It may not come with a host of features like other paid options on the list but provides the needed features. If your interest is in something that’s minimal, attractive, and lightweight, then Pulsar Music Player is the ideal solution. The pro version is also very affordable when compared to other Android music players

7. Musicolet Music Player (Free)


Musicolet Music App

Musicolet is one of the totally free music player apps for Android devices. It offers an offline experience, a lightweight UI, and a very small APK size for download.

Regardless, with the music player app, you can initiate multiple queues. This is one rare feature that it comes with. The basic features like an equalizer, support for embedded lyrics, folder browsing and widgets are also available on Musicolet.

It is the ideal option for folks who just want to enjoy their music experience without any extra baggage. It comes with no ads and has no access to the internet.

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8. PlayerPro Music Player (Free / $4.99)


PlayerPro Music Player

This is one of the slightly popular music apps for Android that can be found out there. It allows you to download and install skins for more customization of the app.

It provides support for video playing and comes with a rare ten band equalizer, Chromecast support, and Android Auto. It comes with some additional features, one of which is you being able to shake the phone in order to change tracks.

It goes steps further by providing support for Hi-Fi music ranging up to 32-bit and 384kHz. You can test the demo and go all out for the paid version if you derive utility from its features.

9. Poweramp Music Player (Free / $3.99)


Poweramp Music App

This is one of the most preferred and arguably the best music app for Android users. It comes with a sleek interface and downloadable themes that are available in the Google Play Store.

It’s a very fast, powerful and efficient music player app that comes with additional playback features like crossfade, gapless playback. Support for multiple playlists is available alongside the Android Auto support.

It has a lot of good reviews and definitely should be tested out by every lover of music with an Android device.

10. Phonograph (Free / optional donation)


Phonograph Music App

Phonograph is one of the new music player apps available online. It comes with classic material design for the UI and can be easily navigated by users.

The theme of the app can be changed by users if they so wish, although the theme editor of the app is limited.
You can try it out and see what you can derive from it in your own words as it’s very simple to use.

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These are the ideal music players for Android we can mention for our readers for the year 2020. It’s no more news that a good number of music player apps for Android abound. However, we recommend these ones on the list.

If you feel we’ve left out any music app for Android that gives users a worthwhile experience, feel free to use the comments section to air your views.

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