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Although regular exercise has been recommended by medical professionals, it can be very hectic at times. Regardless, motivating yourself to get out of your couch and go for a run is a good idea. Folks would like to keep track of their exercises but they may be required to purchase a whole new piece of hardware to ensure that it’s done accurately at least.

Therefore, step counting also referred to as pedometry has emerged recently and is the talk of many exercise enthusiasts. This is mostly due to recent advancements in GPS tracking and phone movement sensors as many apps that can help folks keep track of their steppage stats daily have emerged. 

Therefore we’ve come up with this list of the 10 best free step counter apps and best pedometer apps for your use in 2020 and beyond.

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1. Google Fit

google fit

Google Fit is Google’s official pedometer app and can also be used in conjunction with other apps that will be mentioned here. It’s an ideal free step counter app that monitors your heart rate in a minimal material design user interface.

As you take a walk or go on a run, you’ll get access to real-time stats that’ll enable you to get detailed stats on how you’re doing and enable you to set daily targets that will adapt to your progress in a dynamic fashion.

It also comprises basic fitness coaching tips. However, this aspect of the app is limited in comparison to other third-party apps. That’s one of the reasons why Google Fit can be used in sync with other pedometer apps.

Download Google Fit for Android

Download Google Fit for iOS

2. Fitbit


This app can be used on your smartphone with the aid of the MobileTrack feature. This app is top-notch due to its eye-catching user interface in comparison to other apps. It also comes with a host of features that incentivize your exercise regimen. 

For instance, you can engage in various weekly challenges curated by developers, log workouts and food and also go on adventures where you can try to walk the same amount of steps like popular hikes such as the ones done around Yosemite Park. It’s a good start although it’s not the real thing.

Get Fitbit here

3. Zombies, Run!

zombies run

This app adopts a real-time zombie fleeing approach. It’s designed to motivate the individual by simulating a scenario where their life depends on how well they burn off those weighty calories. Zombies, Run! has stood the test of time and has been instrumental in the compulsion of over a million users into immersing themselves in its fitness-inducing tale.

All you have to do is plug in your headphones and act according to instructions that will be issued as you jog around. You can do various missions in a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by Zombies. It’s ideal for users who crave for a bit of a narrative in their fitness regimen.

Download Zombies, Run! for Android

Download Zombies, Run! for iOS

4. Argus



Argus is arguably one of the best wellness apps around and also goes beyond the simple task of counting your steps. It also comes with a feature that counts calories, a sleep cycle monitor, barcode scanner, and a sleep cycle monitor. 

The barcode scanner ensures that you can monitor your nutritional intake. What Argus seemingly lacks in the step-counter area, it makes up with other useful features. With Argus, you’re on your way to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Download Argus for Android

Download Argus for iOS

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5. Runtastic Steps

runtastic steps

Runtastic is another versatile step tracker app that you can get out there. It gives you access to daily feeds, monthly and annual data on how your calories are being burned off, as well as allows you to set daily goals where you can meet your targets daily. 

The free version gives you access to the aforementioned features thus far, however, the premium membership which can be accessed with $30 to $50 per year gives you access to more worthwhile features like nutrition plans, walking routes, food diaries, amongst others. 

Download Runtastic Steps for Android

Download Runtastic Steps for iOS

6. ViewRanger


This app is not exclusively a pedometer but is a need for folks who go on hiking and exploration adventures. The app comes with many trails and walks around the world due to ratings by millions of its users.

The app can easily pass for a navigation guide that adopts Augmented Reality to let you point your mobile device at the scenery and get clues about what’s what and where to pick up your next adventure.

ViewRanger works in conjunction with Android Wear and makes use of your phone’s GPS to track events like your walking stats and lets you see the distance you’ve covered and possibly share with friends if you wish.

Download ViewRanger for Android

Download ViewRanger for iOS

7. Accupedo

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Accupedo is one of the best pedometer apps out there is available for your use. It’s notable for the widget that sits on the home screen which gives you constant information on the steps you’ve taken.

It also comes with a configuration that allows you to see steps, minutes, distance, and calories in a way that suits you. The app is designed such that the tracking begins only after you’ve taken 10 steps. Therefore, chances are that your trips to the kitchen or bathroom from a place of relaxation or convenience won’t count. It’s good to take note of this.

Download Accupedo for Android

Download Accupedo for iOS

8. Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker

This handy app from Pacer Health is not just a step counter app but also a weight loss aid. Users can set their own goals or use the ones created by the developers of the app to keep themselves motivated to keep walking.

The stats aspect of the app also provides the option for you to view personal trends regarding steps, weight, and calories. With time, you’ll see if you’re improving or not.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

9. Noom Walk

noom walk

Noom Walk is another step counter app that comes with a clean interface alongside a claim of using less than 2% of your phone’s battery power. Therefore, there are chances that it just consumes as much power over 22 hours as keeping your screen on for twenty minutes or using your GPS for three minutes.

Regardless, with this app, you can hand out virtual high-fives to your friends when they hit their goals. The app is free for use.

Download Noom Walk for Android

10. Pedometer

The Pedometer as its name is called is a free step counter app that is monetized by ads. It comes with the normal features that a typical pedometer app should have, including calories burned, speed tracking, walking times, and also ensures the display of your walking adventures in the long term in a graph.

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The app makes use of your gender and weight to provide an accurate idea of calories that have been burned and the ideal amount that should be burned off by the user of the app. The app is battery-friendly and comes with some decent themes to meet the user’s personalization needs. The sensitivity feature can also be adjusted so that you won’t cheat by counting steps when you’re driving or cycling.

The aforementioned 10 pedometer apps are among the best you can get installed on your Android and walk or run your way to full fitness. A pedometer doesn’t enforce any major lifestyle changes. It only encourages users to be more active. You’ll get to make improvements on your steps as days go by as a pedometer encourages you to do so.

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